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Superformance Wellness Counseling

Jackie Solimini, MPH

The First Step is Courage.



When barriers to recovery and achieving health and wellness seem overwhelming, Superformance is ready to assist with your lifestyle change.

About Me

I’m a Wellness Counselor, Addiction Recovery Coach, Personal Trainer, and Health Educator. I work with youth and adults. Areas of specialization include addictions, post-cancer care, lifestyle changes, nutrition programs, and wellness counseling for people wanting to live their best possible life. 


I offer individualized and tailored programs, ongoing support, guidance, and structure leading you to achieve restored health and positive personal change as you develop resilience, joy, and motivation.

Distressing circumstances have a beginning and end. There is light on the horizon for a healthier future and wellness counseling can be the stabilizing anchor. Good health is your responsibility. Mine is leveraging your strengths to make it happen.

Customized Services & Programs

Group Facilitation

Wellness Consultations

Addiction and Recovery Counseling 

Health Education Programs

Individualized Fitness and Activity Promotion Programs

Speaking Engagements

Business Collaboration

Corporate Wellness Programs

Holistic Wellness

Fitness Counseling & Personalized Programs

Specialized land and aquatic exercises and programs to increase strength, balance & coordination. Comprehensive physical fitness and motivation programs are achievable and safe for all ages.

Nutrition Counseling & Meal Planning

Addresses the politics of the food industry and why obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are burgeoning today. People are in a sicker state than ever before. Learn what to eat, what not to eat, and why.

Addiction Recovery & Wellness Counseling

12-Step Program, joyful recovery, solution-focused, cognitive restructuring. Chemical dependency, foods, negative habits. Person-centered counseling approaches lead to self-improvement for a better and healthier you.  


Schedule a Session

I'm here to answer your questions and guide you on your new journey. I offer 1:1 sessions and group facilitation to small businesses. I'm available for drug-free prevention strategies addressing problems before they become crises, proven coping mechanisms, personal training and coaching, food menus with easy recipes, and speaking engagements. Contact me with questions or to schedule @ (203) 903-2024.

Telehealth and videoconferencing through

SUPERFORMANCE and are HIPAA compliant sites with strict adherence to privacy and confidentiality.

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