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The Video Game Distraction

Updated: May 6, 2020

School closures and elimination of after school programs due to COVID-19 are affecting children and young adults in unanticipated ways. With more seemingly available time, students in various age categories turn to video games to pass the time or hang out online with friends. Video games are fun but may lead to losing out on more important aspects of life.

What can be done if you or your children find that not doing homework, missing meals, and generally not taking good personal care are the new normal? Taking a break by not playing for a week frees up valuable time for learning new things and skills, or engaging in household and personal chores. Replace gaming with physical activity or actual exercise. Think about it. Recreation is good, and exercise tones and builds the body, and helps clear the mind of stress and anxiety. Some time spent on playing videos is okay, just not all the time. Time and energy well spent makes you winner in real life.

May 2020.

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