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  • SCSU-Master of Public Health-Community Health Education, Albertus Magnus College-B.A. Communications, Middlesex Community College-Professional Recovery Coach, Cornell University-Wellness Counseling, Center for Nutrition Studies through Cornell University-Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition.


FiTOUR-Advanced Personal Trainer, FiTOUR-Aquatics Instructor, Tivity-Silver Sneaker Splash Instructor, AEA Arthritis Aquatics Leadership


SOCIAL MEDIA: linkedin.com/in/jgsolimini

INTERESTS: Societal Trends Affecting Mental Health & Addiction





David T. Neuman, MD, FAAOS, owner of NY Sportscare & Founder of Joint Education Outreach offers online joint education programs and resources @ www.pop-doc.com


  Ed Mckiernan, DPT, specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports medicine. He is the inventor of the MPT Soft Tissue Tool @ https://dredmckiernan.com

  Vanessa Sena @ https://mylocalchefs.com is the CEO of Connecticut-  based MyLocalChefs offering nutritious meal plans for professionals, their clients, and area businesses.


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