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Jacqueline Solimini, MPH

Wondering why you never quite feel 100%? Because life isn't a solo event, conflicts of every sort and habits that get in the way block the path to improved health and better living. Rid yourself of regrets and discover the way of self-improvement-one step at a time.

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Jacqueline Solimini, MPH

ABOUT ME: I practice Client-Directed counseling with a focus on space and support necessary for self discovery. I help people make sense of life's uncertainties often keeping people unhappy and on constant alert. Chronic stress levels, poor eating habits, lack of desire to exercise and inadequate physical activity coupled with the dependence on behavioral meds contribute to the explosions in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer prevalent in too many lives. 

SUPERFORMANCE is your journey designed to engage and reinforce beneficial health habits resulting in an ongoing state of well-being minus the drama.

EDUCATION:  SCSU-Master of Public Health, Albertus Magnus College-Bachelor of Arts, Communications/English, Middlesex Community College-Activity Director

Cornell University-Health and Wellness Counseling, T. Colin Campbell /eCornell-Plant-Based Nutrition,

University of Copenhagen-Global Public Health


FiTOUR-Advanced Personal Trainer, FiTOUR-Aquatics Instructor, Tivity-Silver Sneaker Splash Instructor, NSPF-Pool & Spa Operator



INTERESTS: Current Events, Health, Drug Abuse and Addiction, Obesity

Schedule a Session

I'm available to answer counseling related questions and ready to assist you on your new journey. Counseling sessions are conducted via phone call and/or email. 


Contact me with general questions or to schedule a session.  

Videoconferencing and telehealth through WebEx.

Proton Mail is a secure VPN encrypted network.

SUPERFORMANCE is a HIPAA compliant website with strict adherence to privacy and confidentiality.


















Evidence Based Approach

Fitness Counseling

Specialized land and aquatic exercises and programs to increase strength, balance & coordination. Comprehensive physical fitness and motivation programs are achievable and safe for all ages.

Nutrition Counseling

Addresses the politics of the food industry and why obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are burgeoning today. People are in a sicker state than ever before. Learn what to eat, what not to eat, and why.

Wellness Counseling

Addictions to behavioral meds, foods, negative habits, and anxieties aren't up-building or healthy. Uniform and tailored counseling approaches lead to self-improvement for a better and healthier you.  

Coming Soon 

Check out this section for SUPERFORMANCE guest contributors and bloggers.

Sat on the Rocks

Affiliates founded by David T. Neuman, M.D., FAAOS, offers online joint education programs and resources to improve health, athletic performance and quality of life.  

Dr. Neuman is the owner an clinical director of Sportscare in NYC, and Executive Director of the non-profit, Joint Education Outreach.

For more information, visit

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