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A Good Friend Is….

Updated: May 7, 2020

"....A cherished, respected, and integral part of my life." - Jackie Solimini

The use of technology allows us to make hundreds or thousands of social network “friends” by merely adding their names to our list of computer contacts. Ending one of these”friendships” is easy; we simply delete that person’s name from our list. Even though we socialize more via the internet, true friendship still eludes many. One survey indicated that while we socialize more, the number of our truly close friends has decreased.

What qualities do we look for in a friend? How can we be a good friend? What can I do to forge a lasting friendship? Simply clicking on a computer screen or smartphone does not hold the key to answering these questions. So, how can we make real friends? Reflect on the following principles and ask yourself if you are the kind of person someone would want as a friend.

*Traits Of A Good Friend

Begin this journey by wanting to be a good friend yourself. Willingness to sacrifice time when necessary is respected and appreciated. Be generous in showing affection and personal interest. It means a lot when someone takes a sincere interest in you without necessarily expecting anything in return.

*Show That You Care

Commitment is a hallmark of true friendship. A good friend feels a responsibility toward the relationship and really cares about your well-being. True friendship is two-way and involves hard work and sacrifice on both sides. Ask yourself if you are willing to give of your time and resources for your friend. The rewards are well worth the effort.

*Good Communication

Regular communication helps a true friendship flourish. Talk about shared interests. Listen to what your friend has to say, and respect different opinions. Commendation and encouragement are up building. Correction and advice are given tactfully, even when pointing out a serious issue. A true friend should be able to express opinions freely without the other person becoming upset.

*Have Realistic Expectations

The closer we become, the more likely we clearly see flaws and imperfections. People are not perfect, and neither are we. Accordingly, we should never expect or demand perfection from the people we befriend. Instead, make allowances for mistakes and treasure their virtues.

*Enlarge Your Circle

Being selective about the people we befriend does not mean narrowing our choices to a certain age group or social upbringing. Our lives are enhanced by taking an interest in other age groups, cultural backgrounds, and nationalities.

When we widen our circle of friends, we learn to get along with different personality types and accept different tastes. We become more outgoing and adaptable-traits genuinely admired by true friends!

May 2020

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