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Resilience-Why it Matters

Rolling out a global “new normal” is for some, fraught with overwhelming feelings of anger, fear, anxieties, stress, and depression. These emotionally harmful states of being leave people thinking there is little room for encouragement. How do we salvage wisdom, resilience, and even meaning out of the dehumanizing and confusing climate of perpetual uncertainty?

Emotions can be reined in. A measure of anger is sometimes justified, but uncontrolled anger is destructive. A focus on gratitude-thankfulness for the countless positives in life enables us to highlight what we have, not what was lost. Working through each day and staying in the moment-or the immediate present helps to reduce anxieties. Sharing qualities of empathy and understanding to those in need of immediate relief can help others to endure persistent trials. Regarding love, Shakespeare wrote: “Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.” We really can choose how we endure.

Other points to consider in building resilience include:

-Moderation in habits such as eating and drinking. Replace higher fat foods with salads and whole grains. Limit ETOH intake to ½ or one small glass of wine per day.

-Control negative emotions-Meditation or journaling are helpful outlets when overcharged emotions run amok.

-Power of Prayer-Never underestimate strength building from prayer.

-Focus on positive thoughts-People who turn away from anger and practice an attitude of gratitude boost emotional health and resilience.

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